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We are busy working on Computers, Freedom, and Privacy 2013, which will be held in Washington, D.C., in June 2013.

Now, we invite you to join in an exciting experiment to harness the energy of the CFP Community by creating mini-conferences before the full conference is held next year.

We invite you to apply to organize a mini-conference (a small gathering that lasts for a few hours) for a discussion about issues pertinent to CFP. The mini-conferences will be a great opportunity to have extended conversations around Computers, Freedom, and Privacy, and they will give the CFP community a chance to propose speakers and topics for CFP 2013. For example: the EU-US negotiations on data-sharing and privacy; the security and privacy of electronic health records; new frontiers in technology and how they affect privacy; and cybersecurity and civil liberties.

For more information on how you can organize a mini-conference and be part of the next CFP, visit our page on CFP Mini-Conferences.