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Submission #1 (Doe, Jane: jane@doe.com)

Submission type: Tutorial

Phone number: 1-123-123-4567

Affiliation: Anonymous R Us

Title of proposed tutorial: How to be Anonymous

Proposed time for tutorial: half day

Related URL: http://www.janedoe.example.com

Brief description of content:

This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about living your life anonymously. It will cover being anonymous in daily living; being anonymous while online; and obtaining healthcare, insurance, and government services anonymously.

About the presenters:

Jane Doe
Jane Doe was a practicing lawyer for 10 years before she decided to live her life completely anonymously. She has been practicing anonymous living for 5 years and recently published the best-selling book "Living Anonymously."

John Doe
Anonymous R Us
John Doe has been lecturing on anonymous living for 8 years.

Detailed description:

Outline of Tutorial:

I Why be anonymous - this section will discuss the advantages (and disadvantages) of anonymous living. It will include case studies of people whose lives improved when they started living anonymously.

II Being anonymous in daily living - this section will discuss the techniques you can use to be anonymous in every-day-living. Learn how to make trips to the grocery store, the park, and the movie theater as anonymous as possible!

III Being anonymous online - this section will discuss the techniques you can use to be anonymous online. We will discuss anonymous remailers, anonymous web surfing, and other anonymity tools

IV Obtaining healthcare, insurance, and government services anonymously - you don't have to give up good health and government services in order to live anonymously. We'll tell you how!